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Treatment for Weight Reduction

In Sthoulya (Over weight) patients specific Ayurveda line of treatment mentioned in Classics. Considering all aetiological factors and Prakriti (Body Constitution) of particular person Ayurvedic physician choose Shamana (Palliative) oushadas & plans Shodana procedures.In shodana (Panchakarma) procedures vasti plays a specific role in treating Sthoulya.

Vasti or Basti is a specialty treatment of Ayurveda, considered among Panchakarma therapies. It is a method of administering enemas with medicated decoctions, oils, ghee or milk through the anal, urinary or vaginal route. Vasti therapy is the best, for dealing with Vata related disorders. This treatment method has both preventive and curative perspectives. It is an ultimate remedy for many psycho-somatic diseases. It boosts immunity and promotes longevity. It helps in delaying ageing process, strengthens body and mind, fortifies tissues, cleanses the body of its impurities, acts as best rejuvenator and aphrodisiac and has many more beneficial effects on health.Vasti being the best in maintaining the quality and quantity of life.

Vasti chikitsa: It is not just about administering enema or medicaments through the anal route, it is much more. It is not an ordinary soap water of glycerine enema to flush out the stools and wastes from the large gut.

Lekhana basti is one among the Sushruta Classification of Vasti (on the basis of its function)

Lekhana Basti – Lekhana means scraping. Lekhana Vasti scrapes of the excessive fat which has accumulated in the body and is giving rise to morbidity. By depleting the fat, this Basti helps in thinning of the patient and thus is used effectively in treating obesity, over-weight conditions and related metabolic and hormonal disorders.

Methods of Lekhana Basti

The duration of lekhana basti was 16 days which includes 10 Anuvasana basti (Oil enema) and 6 Nirooha bastis (Decoction Enema). In administering lekhana vasti, patient was subjected for abhyanga (massage) to nabhi, kati, prusta, and parshwa with specified oil followed by sweda (fomentation). Then considering the Prakriti (Body constitution), Agni (Digestive capacity), Vayah (Age) of a particular patient,the physician will decide the dose and specific oils for both Anuvasana (oil enema) basti & Nirooha (decoction emena) basti as per standards.

Benefits of Vasti treatment:

It alleviates constipation,distention, chronic fever, the common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, vomiting, backache, neck pain, and hyper acidity.

Vata disorders as Sciatica, Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout can also be treated by Vasti treatment. There are about 80 vata related disorders in Ayurveda. About 80 percent of them can be treated with medicated enemas.