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Mr. Nethi Shyam Sundar
Managing Director

Mr.Shyam Sundar M.D Sree Charan Ayur Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Who have taken the initiative to bring Kairali Ayurveda to KPHB and BanjaraHills- Hyderabad.

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Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine which began about 5,000 years ago. It is not just one treatment. It is a way of diagnosing illness and using a wide range of treatments and techniques.


Kairali's Ayurvedic Products PVT LTD has over 100 years of experience in practice and research of Ayurvedic medicines over 7 decdes of modern day experience in production of traditional ayurvedic products and formulations. The group has with time earned the trust and confidence of large number of corporations and groups in India and abroad- attributed to its quality and results- supported by its trained and qualified workforce and GMP Certified production centers.


Kairali Resorts- One among the top 50 Top Wellness Destinations of the World. An ideal place to be with nature and Rejuvinate with natural medicine in the sweet scented forests of Kerala's Pala trees. Experience the authentic healing practice of ancient India, while relaxing in the lap of modern holistic luxary.

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Kairali Ayurvedic Group

Established in 1908, Kairali has perfected the science of Ayurveda with over 100 years of accumulated experience. The group has been upholding the authentic principles of Ayurveda in order to propogate health and well-being worldwide by providing espertise services in Panchakarma and Rejuvenation therapies with Two branches in Hyderabad by serving morethan 80,000 cusstomers.



Lie down with the head tilted back and put 5 drops of nasya in each nostril.


Rakthamokshana is that procedure which expels out vitiated blood from the body.


Vamana Karma, also known as medical emesis or medical vomiting.


Vasthi is one of the traditional Ayurveda treatment methods for gastric.


Virechana is the administration of purgative substances for the cleansing of pitta through the lower pathways.
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